How does changing my web hosting affect my emails?

A lot of my clients are worried that their emails will get messed up if they change who they host their web servers with.

It’s an understandable thing to be worried about. Fortunately, as long as we take the right steps, your email will be safe!


You bought a complete package at a place like 1&1, Network Solutions or GoDaddy that included a domain name and hosting. Then you read my post about the difference between hosting providers and domain name registrars and you want to start hosting at a separate company. Now you ask, how does changing my web hosting affect my emails?

It’s a great question to ask.

Depending on how cooperative the company you are moving from, it can be done fairly smoothly. Here’s what it will hopefully look like:

  • You will purchase new web hosting service (click here for my recommendations).
  • At your new web hosting company you, or I, will setup the same email addresses that you currently have. For example:
  • You, or I, will modify the name servers at the old company so that it points the URL to the new hosting servers.
  • New emails will arrive to the new host automatically once the Internet has learned your new settings.
    (Not all Internet servers will get DNS updates right away. You may have some email go to the old server. Please remember to check email at the old host or setup email forwarding at the old host to forward all your emails to a third party email account such as a Gmail account.)
  • Once everything is fine, cancel the hosting at your original company, but keep the domain registration.

And that’s it! Your new email is running smoothly. If you use a third party email account you will have all the old emails saved.

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